Does your business offer a childcare solution within your employee benefits?  If not, why not add, the award-winning, Asquith Nannies, to your list of services?

The juggling of careers with family duties is hard for working parents. By having a premium, highly flexible and trusted childcare solution in place, employees can feel confident in their decision to be at work and safe in the knowledge that their child is being nurtured and cared for to the highest degree.

Offering your employees a flexible, reliable, secure, childcare solution, with an established, reputable company, will:

  • Provide a solution to the daily ‘juggling’ of being a working parent - flexible and reliable childcare to suit varying & unpredictable working hours
  • Support your employees’ return to work - encouraging & easing work transition from parental leave
  • Relieve working parents from the legal & administrative burdens of being their childcare provider's employer - Asquith Nannies are the direct employers of our nannies and we pay tax, NI, pensions, etc..
  • Aid the ‘settling in’ process for re-locating families - providing peace of mind for quality employees and their families 
  • Be an additional benefit when attracting/introducing new employees to your business - Part of a unique employee benefits package
  • Most important of all, our service will provide your valued employee with peace of mind while at work.

To find out more about how Asquith Nannies can provide a premium childcare solution for your employees, please contact or call 0203 7642555


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