About Asquith Nannies

As the UK’s leading independent childcare provider, we have decades of experience looking after hundreds of thousands of children, entrusted to our care by the nation’s parents. We have been accepted as an extension to their families.

We are the first UK provider to offer parents an exclusive combination of premium nanny and premium nursery care under one umbrella; the very best of both worlds.

We have no doubt that alongside the long list of nanny care imperatives, one of the best measures of our success will be those priceless cameo moments when you catch your child’s dancing eyes and mile-wide smile at the moment their nanny turns up – or the two of them arrive hand in hand to spend quality time each week at one of our nurseries.

‘Your child: our priority’ isn’t just a mission statement, it’s our entire ethos. The Asquith raison d’être.

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